Monthong means Golden Pillow in Thai and is probably the most widespread Durian in Thailand; It’s also the most famous exported variety.

The fruit is large, often 3 – 5 kilos per fruit and is characterized by large triangular spikes. The flesh of the fruit is very meaty and
can be considered one of the least pungent in both aroma and flavor. It’s rich and sweet.

Monthong has many small, shrunken (aborted) seeds. This cultivar is very good for processing into preserved frozen pulps. It bears fruit after
8 years of planting.

Our Durians harvested directly from the Durian orchards. We take control of the size, shape and ripening (80%++) of every pieces of durian premium grade only.


MANGOSTEEN (Garcinia mangostana)

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is one of the most favorite fruits of Thailand, popularly known as “Queen of Tropical Fruits”.

Shape: Globular

Weight: 80 -110 g, 5 Kg/box

Taste: Sweet juicy and mild fragrant

Nutrition: Good source of vitamin B1, B2, C, various minerals and dietary fiber.

Season: April – October.

We realize the importance of quality, Our team pay much attention in every step in production , packing and logistics as well.


Golden Nam Dok Mai Mango

The fruit is of oval shape with pointed tip. The seed is hard and flat with thin peel. The unripe is green and can be very sour with white resin. The fully ripe has beautiful golden colored skin with creamy yellow, firm and juicy flesh. Each mango can weigh up to 250-500 grams.

Succulent and aromatic, it is usually consumed ripe or used in the making of sweet dessert such as Mango Sticky Rice, ice-cream and preserves.

We export premium mango (Nam Dok Mai) from Thailand.
☑️ Certified in good quality with GAP, GMP, HACCP

We make sure that our quality is intensively controlled in export standards and quality in every process.


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